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LuKane (born Lucas James Moore), is an independent hip-hop/soul artist from the south side of Chicago.

He was immersed by music and musicians from an early age; from his father exposing him to the melodies, soul and rhythm of Kenny G, Sade, and Earth Wind and Fire to watching his mom and aunts as gospel singers in the church choir at Chicagoland Bible Fellowship.

As a youngster, he followed suit. In 1999 at just 10 years old, he was the lead soloist of the Edgar Allen Poe Classical School choir. The following year, the choir toured in Puerto Rico and New Orleans.

By age 12, he had discovered an affinity for poetry and spoken word and began experimenting with the craft. Poetry soon turned to songwriting as he matured and his taste evolved. Early on, he was influenced by an array of artists: the conscious messages of Nas and Common; the mellow flow of Fabolous; the grit of Jadakiss; and the wordplay of Twista.

During his high school years, he released his first 3 mixtapes concurrently. The work was well received by his peers and he began to make a name for himself locally as an artist.

Uninspired by the music he was hearing, post-graduation, he turned his attention to other more traditional aspects of life like work and school.

By 2011, a new wave of hip-hop artists like Big Sean, Drake and J. Cole began to emerge and garner his attention again. Feeling inspired and with a sprinkle of life seasoning and experiences he began writing and recording again.

In 2013, LuKane released his first mixtape since 2006, Phase 1: Women, Money and Problems. With the project receiving over 65,000 plays across channels, he began booking shows through the Midwest — from Subterranean in Chicago to The Hangar 9 in Carbondale.

He followed up Phase 1 with a collaborative mixtape UnPlugged preserving the momentum.

In 2015, he released his next solo mixtape Phase 2: Love, Peace and War. Combining conscious messaging, layered melodies and good vibes, the tape garnered another 65,000+ plays, allowing him to travel the Midwest performing several shows again.

Most recently, he released his 3rd solo project, self-titled, Lucas Moore LP. It dropped in 2017.  Following the release of the LP, LuKane toured the midwest and east coast extensively. He is currently planning another tour for Spring 2018.